Let's talk Christmas TV!

Blue Planet II, X Factor and I'm a Celebrity... have finished, The Apprentice and Strictly Come Dancing are almost over, now eyes turn to the Christmas TV line-up.

I will first mention that I'm loving the second seasons of The Crown and The Grand Tour, and also mention that if you like Ninja Warrior UK and the like, get on Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix - the second season launched today!

Back to Christmas.. ! Compared to previous years, this years schedule is not the best.. Regular Christmas traditions including EastEnders, Strictly Come Dancing, Still Open All Hours, Mrs Brown's Boys, Gogglebox, Call The MidwifeFor The Love Of Dogs, Bake OffVictoria, Maigret and Alan Carr's Chatty Man will all air across the main Christmas stretch. A particular favourite of mine, Dragons' Den, also returns on Boxing Day.

Doctor Who will be a stand-out this Christmas, with terrific performances expected from Peter Capaldi and David Bradley (Harry Potter, Broadchurch, An Adventure In Space And Time), as they also lead the way for the thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch) and her first scene.

I'm also looking forward to seeing A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong (guest starring Sir Derek Jacobi) after last year's Peter Pan Goes Wrong. As a fan of The Chase, the special bloopers episode will no doubt go down a treat too.

New additions this year include Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, 300 Years Of French & Saunders, Little Women and Mary, Mel and Sue's Big Christmas Thank You. There will also be compilations of Saturday Night Takeaway's 'Who Shot Simon Cowell?' and 'The Missing Crown Jewels'.

Before we launch into January with the returns of Celebrity Big Brother, Will & GraceDancing on Ice, Delicious, Trollied and The Voice UK, Mary Portas details What Britain Bought for Channel 4, Alan Carr kicks off the reboot of The Price Is Right and the 8 Out Of 10 Cats team do Countdown once more. And don't forget Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2017! No Wipe from Charlie Brooker this year, unfortunately!

What will you be watching this year?

Watch the BBC's heartwarming Christmas animated film to get you in the mood:

The road to recovery continues... (Update 3)

It's been a while since I've posted anything about my operation, so this is just a brief update on how it's been with the bars being in place for over a year.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my first two posts here and here before continuing.

In myself I feel fine. I'm not taking painkillers and haven't been for many months. Sometimes my torso does feel achier than it normally would - especially if I've been sat in one place for too long or laying down for too long - but it's not painful and passes fairly quickly, so it's all good. My last appointment with the Consultant was in late September and they are still very happy with how everything is. I don't have to go back until next year now.

I haven't yet been through security at an airport to see whether I set the scanner off or not, but I'm sure next year I'll get that pleasure.. I did, however, go to the Wales v Georgia rugby match last weekend (my first time in the stadium in the five years I've been in Cardiff) and didn't set off the scanners there, so maybe it'll be fine 

Since I had the Nuss procedure in October 2016, I've had quite a few people get in touch with me after seeing my blog posts, tweets and Instagram posts - young guys, older guys and some females. It's been good to answer peoples' questions, and know that my story has helped others.

Other than that, generally all is good. I'm doing a fair amount of photography work with South Wales Police - which I'm enjoying - and currently looking to buy a house soon after Christmas. I've applied to do a three year Journalism degree in Cardiff, and I have an interview for it in January, so we'll see what comes of that!

Until next time, here's a video of the Welsh fans singing before last week's game - great atmosphere!

Welcome to my refreshed website!

Let's try this whole thing again, shall we?

Hi, I'm Jordan, and this is probably the 400th version of my website.

I've decided to spruce things up a little bit and migrate over to Squarespace, so I can look after the site a lot easier.

Currently the site carries an about me page, links to my social media pages, my blog and a contact form. The photographs are currently locked (contact me for the key), as is my CV, for obvious reasons.

I am planning to add a lot more content in the near future, so stay tuned.

The road to recovery continues... (Update 2)

My next round of appointments is now done, with more to come in the New Year.. Here’s the outcome of both:


Yesterday I went back to my consultant to see if the fluid on my left side had gone down, and thankfully the x-ray I had showed that the fluid was no more.

Whilst I was there an ECG was requested, because my heart rate was over 120bpm - they seem to think that the bars are causing some irritation to the sack around my heart, and because of this they also requested an Ultrasound. The Ultrasound seemed to be OK, but the consultant is still planning to write to my GP to request some medication that will slow down my heart rate.

I also had post-op photographs taken, so when I get my hands on those I’ll be able to post them.

  This photo was taken within the few days following my operation -   I’m not going to post before/after pictures just yet, but I will be making a video on my YouTube channel at some point, so they’ll probably be included.

This photo was taken within the few days following my operation - I’m not going to post before/after pictures just yet, but I will be making a video on my YouTube channel at some point, so they’ll probably be included.


Today I had an appointment with my physiotherapist, and he was happy with how I had progressed since my assessment. He has given me some new breathing techniques, stretches to continue the progress of being able to lift my arms higher and a few different ways of starting to twist my body.

When I return in January we are going to put together a plan for getting me fit for work, including starting to lift heavier objects. He also recommended an eight-week spinal exercise programme, which we’ll discuss further.

If you want to read the original post that details my experience from the initial referral to my recovery, click here, and if you have any questions about my experience, you can use the Contact page to get in touch.